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Dermatological Preparations in the Tropics PDF


  • Product Code: W/DPT
  • Author(s): P Bakker, H Woerdenbag, V Gooskens, B Naafs, R van de Kaaij, N Wieringa
  • Language: English
  • Health Subject Covered:
  • Category: .
  • Publisher: University of Groningen
  • ISBN: 9789036756983
  • Year: 2012


In Dermatological Preparations in the Tropics PDF Download.

‘A formulary of dermatological preparations and background information on therapeutic choices, production and dispensing’

Skin diseases may often be forgotten by policy makers, but not by patients. Many adults and children suffer from common disorders such as pyoderma, scabies, acne, dermatophytosis, skin warts and pediculosis capitis leading to much discomfort, medical expenses and loss of schooldays. In industrialized countries effective and convenient treatments are easily available, and are usually reimbursed by health insurance. In low- and middle income countries (LMICs) and especially for the poorer segments of the population, the situation is different.


Therefore this book offers practical and background information on the local production of topically applied medicines. Written for the treatment of skin diseases in the least developed regions of the world. It aims to be a reliable source of information to select and to produce dermatologicals: what to prepare for which indication and how to do this. It also gives background information on choices and methods for a better understanding. The formulary focuses on effective and cheap extemporaneous preparations with sufficient stability. Those should be suitable for local production and use under tropical conditions. You will find a total of 35 preparations presented. Those cover the safe treatment of a broad range of skin diseases.

Medicine and pharmacy are fast changing scientific fields. We have taken great care to ensure that perspectives, opinions and practical information in this book are up to date. We have also taken great care to provide correct information. However, the authors and publisher cannot be held responsible for any error in this book nor for the consequences of such errors.
We would appreciate to receive any ideas, comments and additions.

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