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Guia Comunitario De Saude Ambiental PDF


  • Product Code: W/CGEPT
  • Author(s): Jeff Conant, Pam Fadem
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Health Subject Covered:
  • Category: .
  • Publisher: Health Books International/TALC
  • ISBN: 9780955881190
  • Year: 2014


Guia Comunitario De Saude Ambiental PDF Download

Guia Comunitario Educacao ambiental é uma obra destinada a desenvolver nas pessoas conhecimentos, habilidades e atitudes voltadas para a preservação do meio ambiente. A educação ambiental é muito importante porque ensina-nos a saber ser e estar perante o meio ambiente. Desperta a sensibilidade sobre as questões ambientais e ajuda-nos a adquirir uma consciência ambiental, isto é, a estarmos conscientes de que temos responsabilidade para com o meio ambiente, devendo cuidar dele como um bem precioso.

Community Guide to Environmental Health Portuguese

Collection of ideas, methods, stories, and practical solutions collected from communities worldwide. Consequently created for the benefit of health workers, teachers, community activists, development professionals. Likewise  anyone who wants to improve health for themselves and their community.

Firstly it covers topics: community mobilization; water source protection, purification and borne diseases; sanitation; mosquito-borne diseases; deforestation and reforestation; farming; pesticides and toxics; solid waste and health care waste; harm from mining and oil extraction. In addition includes group activities and appropriate technology instructions.

Above all, this is a highly-illustrated guide that will help health promoters, development workers, educators and community leaders take charge of their communities’ environmental health. Therefore topics include preventing and reducing harm from toxic pollution, protecting community water and watersheds. Moreover restoring land, caring for forests and planting trees, reducing harm from mining, oil and energy production, farming sustainably and building food security, and disposing of solid waste and health care waste.

In addition English, version of this book can be found here:

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