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JAWS Fiction Reader: Lulama’s Penfriend


  • ISBN: 9780435891923
  • Year: 2003


JAWS ‘Lulama’s Penfriend’: Junior African Writers Series – a story set in South Africa

Lulama likes writing letters, but everybody she knows lives in her village in South Africa. She decides to write to a penfriend – someone who lives far away and will write back to her. But how can she find a penfriend? One day she has a great idea…

The Junior African Writers Series provides interesting and varied African stories both for pleasure and for study. You will find five graded levels in the series.

Lulama’s Penfriend JAWS Fiction Reader Level 2 is suited to learners who have been studying English for 4-5 years. Short sentences and a large number of illustrations combine to make these books both enjoyable and easy to read, either individually or in class. Learners have a wide variety of stories to choose from.


Includes simple plots and minimum amount of characters. Those books present information in small manageable amounts and the illustrations reinforce the text.


Reading is a learning experience. Firstly in this early readers books you will find carefully controlled choice of words. However new words important to the story are also introduced these are contextualised and explained in the glossary.


The Reader will find the difficult words listed alphabetically at the end of the book. The definitions refer to the way the word is used in the story, further you will find the page reference for the word’s first use.

Questions and Activities

The questions give useful comprehension practice and ensure that the reader has followed and understood the story. In addition the activities develop themes and ideas introduced. The learners can do them as pair work or groupwork in class, or as homework.

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