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JAWS HIV and AIDS Reader: Help



This excellent JAWS book on HIV and AIDS was written specifically for young people between 11-15.

Included are questions such as:

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?

Are there medicines to cure AIDS?

Why are there more women than men with AIDS?

You will find the answers to those questions, along with many others. In this book you will find much information. The book acknowledges that AIDS is a frightening disease, but also highlights things that can be done to stop AIDS spreading. There is also a helpful glossary. This JAWS HIV/AIDS reader can be used to help teachers introduce subject matter that is difficult to manage in the classroom and conveys both basic information about HIV/AIDS, and the psycho-social dimensions of the pandemic affecting learners’ lives.


Reading is a learning experience. Firstly in this early readers books you will find carefully controlled choice of words. However new words important to the story are also introduced these are contextualised and explained in the glossary.


The Reader will find the difficult words listed alphabetically at the end of the book. In the glossary you can check the definitions of the words. Further you will find the page reference for the word’s first use.

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