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JAWS HIV/AIDS Reader: Buchi Must Choose



JAWS HIV/AIDS Reader: Buchi Must Choose

Buchi Must Choose, this book is suitabe for readers in the upper primary school.

Through the eyes of 12-year-old Buchi we look at the choices children and young adults must make about identity, morals and behaviour. By developing a strong sense of her own identity, Buchi will be better able to make individual choices about what is right for her.

Young adults are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS than anyone else. This story is an opportunity to look at the social context in which young adults find themselves. In addition to the pressures they will be up against. Buchi learns how to be assertive, and the value of self-respect and respect for others. Learners will be better able to confront their own difficult choices as they move into adulthood.

This is one of the JAWS HIV/AIDS readers developed for primary school learners. The story conveys the basic information about HIV/AIDS (health promotion). Likewise the more subtle psycho-social dimensions of the pandemic affecting learners’ lives (personal and social development). It can be used as a reader, or to help teachers introduce subject matter that is difficult to manage in the classroom.

The JAWS HIV/AIDS readers aim to instill the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will enable our children to conquer the pandemic that is sweeping through our world.

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